Day 7 - Dr. Google and Internet Myths How to find facts in a virtual sea of misinformation

What Can You Trust On The Internet?

The internet can be a huge source of information, but it can also be a huge source of myths and false truths. Since the discovery of COVID-19, there has been a sea of misinformation about the virus, and now it is affecting the vaccine. NPR recently released an article where they've discovered most myths surrounding the vaccine come from only 12 people.

Only 12

People are Behind Most Vaccine Myths


of Americans Feel Uninformed of the Vaccine

What's Truth and What's Fiction?

Meet Dr. Sarangarm

Dusadee Sarangarm, MD is the Chief Medical Information Officer for UNM Hospitals. She designs and constructs systems that help bring medical information to patients, and she's here to help clear up what you may hear online.

  • Is Google always right?
  • Is information on social media correct?
  • Who is giving out information online?
  • Who should you go to to talk about the vaccine?

If you want to know how to safely get information on the vaccine, watch Dr. Sarangarm explain what sources you should go to.

COVID Myth Crushers logo.Common Myths

MYTH: Social media is a great source to educate myself about COVID-19 and the vaccine

Social media is a very unreliable source of information. Most myths and false information isn’t spread via social media. In addition, there is an anonymity online where someone can be someone they are not, and spread inaccurate myths. Please see your doctor for any questions you might have.


MYTH: When I search for information about COVID-19, safe practices and the vaccine on the internet, I think it's legitimate as long as it's from a health care provider/source

Over the course of the pandemic, information about the virus, and how to protect yourself against it, has been updated as new research has been developed. It is possible information you find on a health care website could already be outdated. We strongly recommend talking to your doctor to find out the latest information on the pandemic.


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