Day 1 - Hesitant? Learn the facts so you can make the right decision for you and your family

Meet Maria

Meet Maria, an RN supervisor putting her own life and the lives of her family at risk. She and her staff are asking for your support as they work to save you and your loved ones.

ICU Nurse

Nurse Supervisor


Treating Hundreds of Patients

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Maria's Journey

A health care worker for 9 years, Maria talks about the importance of getting vaccinated

  • How serious COVID-19 is
  • The impact it has on our community
  • How we as a community can help
  • How important it is to get vaccinated

Follow Maria as she goes over her experiences as a nurse through this pandemic.

Meet Dr. Aaron Reilly

An emergency room doctor and former naval flight surgeon, Aaron Reilly talks about his initial hesitancy to get the vaccine.

  • Was the vaccine developed safely?
  • Who is the vaccine safe for?
  • What are the unknowns?

Follow Aaron as he explains what made him change his mind for the best of our community.

COVID Myth Crushers logo.Common Myths

MYTH: The Vaccine Was Created Too Quickly

A vaccine being developed in less than 1 year is an amazing feat. The speed might make some nervous, but these vaccines went through the same tests as similar vaccines. The global medical and research communities as well as governments worked together to develop and get the vaccine into production and to the people in record time due to the health risks that COVID-19 presents to the global population.

MYTH: You Can Skip the 2nd Dose of Moderna & Pfizer

No. If you skip the 2nd shot, you may lose your immunity. The second dose is necessary to keep up your body's defense against COVID-19.

MYTH: Young People Don't Need the Shot

Even if you are young, you can still develop long-term symptoms from the virus such as breathing issues, fatigue, loss of smell or taste and more. You may not be high risk for severe symptoms, but the virus is still being spread. We need to work together to protect those who are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms. Everyone needs to be vaccinated. Not just those who are more at risk.

Get a Vaccine

UNM Health will be vaccinating patients at The Pit at the University of New Mexico.
To register for a COVID-19 vaccination, visit The New Mexico Department of Health website.

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