Project for New Mexico Children & Youth Who Are Deaf-Blind

The term deaf-blindness is also known as dual sensory impairment, referring to a combined vision and hearing loss. Very few children are completely deaf and blind; most have some degree of functional vision and hearing.

Deaf-blindness impacts all areas of development including social relationships, communication, learning and movement. Developmental abilities are also impacted by the age the deaf-blindness began, type and degree of loss, and the presence of additional disabilities.

The Project is a statewide program to provide technical assistance, training and support to families, service providers and educators of children and youth who are deaf-blind.

The Project is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP); The NM Department of Health-Family Infant Toddler Program; and The New Mexico Public Education Department - Special Education Bureau.

For more information on early identification and project services, watch this brief training.

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